For most new mothers looking after her new born seems like a daunting task as they are just learning to handle their little ones and do not want to go wrong on any front. Every day is a learning experience for both mother and the baby and with each passing day they learn new things and the bond between them strengthens. 

Every mother wishes to give the best to her baby and gives utmost importance to keep the baby safe and protected. Everything from what the baby eats to what she wears to where she goes - everything has to be closely monitored so that she can grow up in a safe and protected environment.

The skin of a baby is the baby’s first barrier against the world and it is this that can easily get affected due to changes in climate, dust, sun, etc. Hence taking care of our baby’s soft skin is also very essential. 

I am sharing below some tips that ensure that the baby's soft skin is safe and protected.

Warm water bath:

Giving your baby a warm water bath daily ensures that the baby feels fresh and the baby’s skin is rejuvenated and free from germs and dust.

Soft clothes

While shopping for baby’s clothes always make sure that you select clothes which are roomy, soft and comfortable for the baby to wear.

Avoiding sun

Direct exposure to sunlight can harm the baby’s gentle skin. So it is better to keep a new born baby away from a direct sunlight and keep them covered with caps or you can also use a baby carrier. For infants who are more than 6 months old, sunscreens can be used.

Keeping a close watch

Always ensure that the baby is looked after at all times. In case you are busy with some work make sure that you ask someone to look after the baby in your absence. New borns need more attention as they might get hurt or vomit, and need your assistance any time.

Correct Diaper

In today’s world diapers are used by most mothers for their babies. It is best to use branded and correct size diapers that do not cause any rashes or infections on the baby’s gentle skin and makes the baby comfortable. I have been using Pampers since my baby was born and have had no problems with it. It fits my baby properly, allows air to circulate, is dry and my baby feels comfortable wearing it.

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