It is said

When you become a mother
You stop being the picture
And start being the frame

From the moment a woman hears the news of her pregnancy, her whole life changes and changes for the better. From being just a woman she is transformed to a complete woman- a Mother.

The thought of having a little gem inside engulfs her and her heart is filled  with excitement, joy and a protective feeling that she never knew existed. She spends those nine months waiting and praying for the day her little bundle of joy comes into her arms safe and healthy.

The responsibility of carrying a baby often makes women more conscious and they sometimes tend to ignore their own health and needs in looking after their unborn child.  But is this not the time when we women have to live our life to the fullest, be active, fit and healthy to welcome our baby into this world with open arms?

My pregnancy journey was filled with several surprises and was entirely a different and life changing experience. The moment we got the good news everyone at home was happy and excited to welcome a little member into our family. Advices, pampering and tips followed and I started getting lots of love, care and attention from everyone. 

The very feeling of carrying a baby made me more responsible and careful but this did not hindered me from being myself. I went for walks, ate well, took rest, slept well and kept myself happy by watching comedy shows, reading books and praying. Reciting the holy Quran and praying namaz had a soothing and comforting effect on me and I felt peace and closeness to Allah.

I also felt several changes in my body during my pregnancy. My weight had increased by almost 10 kgs, I had pain in my legs and back and I often felt tired. But I knew that these are usual during pregnancy and I kept my cool. I started counting months and then days and hoped and prayed for an easy delivery and a healthy baby.

I didn't know how those months passed and soon I was in my last trimester. I got my hospital bag ready with basic essentials for the baby and me and continued to keep myself active and relaxed.

My mom would often say that the pain during delivery would be immense but you will forget it once you see your baby's face. Every word of her was true. The moment I saw my little angel all my pain vanished and I was overjoyed on  seeing her sweet face.

God has blessed me with the joy of motherhood and I feel really happy in looking after my baby.

Babies need our attention, care and love but in looking after them we must not forget to look after ourselves. We have an equal responsibility towards ourselves as towards our kids and family.


I’m writing about my wonderful journey of pregnancy for the #YummyMummy blogging activity at Blogadda in association with Marico Bio Oil